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English (302)
Time : 3 Hours  Maximum Marks : 100


Note : 
(i) This Question Paper consists of two Sections, viz., ‘A’ and ‘B’.
(ii) All the questions from Section ‘A’ are com pulsory.
(iii) Section ‘B’ has two options. Candidates are required to attempt questions from one option only.
(iv) Marks are indicated against each question.


Q.1. Read the following extracts carefully and answer the questions that follow :
(a) Some have voiced concern over the noise produced by rotor blades, aesthetic impact, and the plight of birds that fly into the rotors. Most of these problems do not exist in India as wind farms are located in remote areas or the problems have already been resolved through technological development.
The major challenge to use wind as a source of power is that it is intermittent and it does not always blow when electricity is needed. The fact remains that wind is the fastest growing source of electricity in the world. And who knows, might even be a lucrative career for many.
(i) Some people feel concerned about the use of wind to produce electricity. Mention two such concerns.(½+½=1 Marks)
(ii) Give one reason why one of the problems related to wind power does not bother Indians. 1
(iii) State one of the major challenges to use wind as a source of power. 1
(iv) Which word in the extract means similar to ‘financially attractive’ ?


My father still persisted, for he knew that my staying at home would result in my becoming a pampered child. He realised, as well, that I would have difficulty playing with normal children, and that my mother would always be afraid to let me leave the immediate premises.
At last he heard of Dr. R. M. Halder, Principal of Dadar School for the Blind, Bombay. My father wrote to him asking for advice. Dr. Halder showed unusual interest in my case, and promised to take special care and personal responsibility for me if I were sent to his school.
(i) What did the author’s father want for which he persisted? 1
(ii) Why was he interested in sending the author away from home? 1
(iii) Why did the author’s father contact Dr. R. M. Halder? 1
(iv) Which word in the extract means similar to ‘a building and land nearby’ ?

(b) ‘‘I have told Sumitra time and again.’’ My aunt’s voice was low, but not low enough for us not to catch each and every syllable she uttered. I told her the other day too. An adopted child must know the truth. She has to tell Aradhana sooner or later. She must know.
Adopted child ! Aradhana an adopted child ! I stared at her. Our eyes locked. I held out a hand that didn’t quite reach Aradhana …, my arm hung suspended in midair. I feel sickening wave pull me off the ground from somewhere, from a cloud of mist and fog, my grandmother’s voice reached me.
(i) What did Aunt Pramela want Aradhana know about her own self ? 1
(ii) Why did Aunt Pramela speak in a low voice? 1
(iii) How did the narrator react to the fact about Aradhana’s status? 1
(iv) Which expression used by the narrator means similar to ‘feeling nervous and shocked’ ?


Bholi did not know what exactly a school was like and what happened there, but she was glad to find so many girls almost of her own age present there. She hoped that one of these girls might become her friend.
The lady teacher who was in the class was saying something to the girls but Bholi could understand nothing. She looked at the pictures on the wall. The colours fascinated her—the horse was brown just like the horse on which the Tehsildar had come to visit their village, the goat was black like the goat of their neighbour, the parrot was green like the parrots she had seen in the mango orchard …
(i) Bholi did not know anything about a school. Yet she was not unhappy. Why? 1
(ii) What attracted Bholi in the school? 1
(iii) Why did the horse, goat and parrots fascinate her? 1
(iv) Which word in the extract means similar to ‘attracted’ ?

Q.2. Answer any three of the following questions in about 30–40 words each :  (2×3=6 Marks)
(a) What is the most remarkable thing about the people in modern world?
(India—Her Past and Future)
(b) In what circumstances did the tiger enter the tunnel?
(The Tiger in the Tunnel)
(c) If you have to describe Evans, what expressions would be appropriate for the purpose?
(A Case of Suspicion)
(d) What does Sunil Gavaskar mean when he says, ‘‘cricket is in my blood’’?
(My First Steps)

Q.3. Answer the following question in about 60 words :
How did Gerrard defeat intention of the Intruder?
(If I were You)


Why did Rahul appreciate the education system followed during his grandparents’ school days?
(Father, Dear Father)

Q.4. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow :
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveller, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear.
(a) ‘‘Long I stood,” says the poet. Why did he not choose one of the two roads to travel immediately? 2
(b) Which road did the poet choose to travel? Why did he choose that road? (1+1=2 Marks)
(c) What did the poet observe to decide his choice?


We have no time to stand and stare?
No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.
No time to see when woods we pass
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass
No time to turn at Beauty’s glance
And watch her feet, how they dance.
(a) What does the poet grumble about people’s behaviour towards things around? 2
(b) What does the poet think we need time for? 2
(c) Explain : 1
“No time to turn at Beauty’s glance”

Q.5. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :
Respiratory diseases like bronchial asthma, bronchitis and recurrent sore throat are on the increase due to the rising pollution of air caused by increase in automobiles and industries. Asthma which is a serious health hazard and so far is considered incurable can be now effectively cured by combining acupuncture, acupressure and yoga.
Asthma is accompanied by attacks of breathlessness, associated with cough and wheezing of the chest and sometimes it may be so acute as to be lifethreatening. Asthma is caused mostly due to an allergy to dust, pollen from flowers or certain foodstuffs. In many cases it runs in the family and may be seen right from the childhood. During change of seasons (near Holi and Diwali) the asthma attacks get precipitated, perhaps due to the high allergic factors in the air.
Acupuncture and acupressure both work by regulating the negative and positive energy flow in the body and thereby pre-establishing their equilibrium.
(a) What two respiratory diseases have been mentioned in the passage? (1+1=2 Marks)
(b) What causes are responsible for respiratory diseases? 1
(c) (i) How can asthma be cured? 1
(ii) What are the symptoms of asthma? 1
(d) Which words in the passage mean similar to the following? (1+1=2 Marks)
(i) ‘very serious’
(ii) ‘balance between the two’

Q.6. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :
All human beings want to be successful but 90% cannot. Why does this happen? What are the factors responsible for these failures? And like every other person, do you also blame others for your incapability? The fact is that you are responsible for your failures. To escape this, one unnecessarily blames one’s luck, people and circumstances. Here are three keys to success.
The first one is patience. ‘‘ Those who are impatient are the most unsuccessful people,” says John Ruskin. Our daily routines test our patience, which in turn leads to depression. This upsets our relationships and we think we are facing obstructions and restrictions. If you can remain patient just for 20–30 minutes,
you’ll be successful. Again, self-confidence is one of the most important secrets of success. Due to unfavourable circumstances, commands and responses, we lose confidence and become victim of depression and tension. Self-confidence can help us overcome all obstacles.
It often happens that we don’t take initiative. We either depend on others or leave to destiny. But if we make an effort, we can succeed in completing majority of the tasks. What others can do in 10 years, we can do in six and that is no mean achievement.
(a) What two essential qualities should people have to become successful in life? 2
(b) What two factors are normally held responsible for failure? 2
(c) What two problems do people experience in case of their failure? 2
(d) Which two words/expressions used in the passage mean similar to the following? (1+1=2 Marks)
(i) ‘lack of abilities’
(ii) ‘problems/hurdles’

Q.7. Read the passage given below and complete the table that follow [Answer should be given in the Answer-book only] :
At a time when the use of fossil fuels to power vehicles is making environmentalists angry, an alternative source of fuel—the biodiesel—emerged as a useful solution. Additionally, its use solves a disposal problem.
The fuel is nothing but used vegetable oil which has been tested satisfactorily. It has made a vehicle called the Veggie Van (a motor home) runs more than 16000 km across the US. Also it has visited 20 major cities causing absolutely no harm to the environment. Vegetable oil from various restaurants in America was all that was used along the entire journey. The novel experiment was started as a college project by two students—Joshna and Kam. It eventually ended in a massive public awareness programme. The idea of using vegetable oil as fuel for a diesel engine first occurred to them when they visited a traditional farm in the picturesque Southern Germany where vehicles fuelled by vegetable oil were in use. While studying agriculture and living on these farms, they noticed that the farmers were always filling tanks of a yellow liquid.
‘‘ This fuel comes from the canola plants which grow on our farms and nearby areas. We put in the diesel and it smells good,’’ farmers said.

Q.8. Make a summary of the following passage in about 100 words : 5
Today, English has a total vocabulary of two million words followed by German as a pathetic second with 186000 words, Russian with 136000 words and French with 126000 words.
The vastness of vocabulary and the ability to see the relationship between words is one of the major factors in measuring genius. Shakespeare excelled any other human being in this aspect. His encyclopaedic knowledge of science, history and mathematics, classical literature, sociology, psychology, law, Latin, French, politics, music and art acquired by studying books relating to almost every mental discipline and observing the habits and style of life of various sections of people all around him enabled him to draw ideas generally from all those sources for being used in his plays.
Then what justification is there for any voter, whatever his profession, to place this extraordinary man to the position of a runner-up in ranking of the greatest Briton ever. It is ironical that the voters who took part in the BBC poll have placed him far below Newton.

Q.9. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with appropriate passive form of the verbs given in brackets : 3
In the year 2010, Commonwealth Games (a) ___ (hold) in India. More than 80 flyovers (b) ___ (construct) for smooth movement. During Asian Games many stadiums (c) ___ (build).

Q.10. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with appropriate form of the verbs given in brackets : 4
Sachin Tendulkar (a) ___ (score) 48th test century. He (b) ___ (set) a new record of centuries and runs. Instead of celebrating his own record-breaking  score he (c) ___ (advise) Suresh Raina to enjoy the moment of scoring his debut century. Sachin (d) ___ (surpass) Sir Don Bradman’s mark of 29 test centuries.

Q.11. Combine the following pairs of sentences using the connectors given against each pair : 4
(a) I could not read the newspaper.
My nephew had broken my reading glasses.
(be cause)
(b) My friend took me to the International Book Fair.
It was held in November last year.
(c) Everyone gave a standing ovation to Jagjit Singh, the renowned Ghazal singer.
He has sung more than 400 Ghazals so far in India and abroad.
(d) Aarush sat and waited for his father.
His father returned at about 10 o’clock.

Q.12. Read the following dialogue between the Star News correspondent and Sachin Tendulkar and complete the sentences given below : 4
Press correspondent : Congrats, Sachin for scoring 48th test century. How do you feel at this achievement?
Sachin : I play not to score runs. I play to enjoy and I feel thrilled.
Press correspondent ................................................. .
Sachin told  ............................................................. .

Q.13. Write a paragraph of about 100 words on any one of the following topics :  5
(a) The book I like most. Why do I like it so much?
(b) Importance of International Games held after every four years
(c) Role of newspapers in modern world

Q.14. Write a letter to the Manager (Sales), M/s Green Valley Nursery, Indirapuram to inform that 10 plants have died in just five days. You had placed order for supply of 125 plants to decorate the banks of Green Valley Canal. Ask for replacement or refund of money charged for those plants. 

You are the Manager, Greener World (UP Government), Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (UP).

Q.15. The following passage has seven mistakes of spelling, use of inappropriate words and incorrect grammar. Spot the errors and write the correct forms in your Answer-book. One is done for you to serve as an example : 6
PM chaids Pak’s Qureshi. In his first publik reaction to a kontroversial conduct off the press conference following an India Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ talks the PM said that Pakistan’s official could have avoid handling it in the way he did.

1 chides chides


Read the given passage and make notes on it using title and subtitles. Use recognizable abbreviations :

The dog is almost a saint. He cannot speak, hence, he can never tell a lie. A dog willingly accepts his master’s superiority and subjects himself to his authority. But we shouldn’t be deceived by this act of a dog. He does not consider himself to be a slave. He expects his master to be fair and just and he expects to be loved and respected. He looks upon his master as his lord, but he wishes to maintain his dignity.
A dog can be taught to do almost anything with friendly encouragement, patience and a biscuit. Corporal punishment inflicted upon an intelligent dog is unacceptable. The dog can read his master’s thoughts, can understand his vacillating nature, and many a times even foretell his decisions. He knows when he is unwanted and he keeps out of his master’s way. When his lord is anguished, he knows it is time to comfort him. He creeps up to him quietly, lays his head on his lap and seems to be telling his master, “Let others be, let them abandon you. I am here by your side, let’s take a walk together.”

Note : 
(i) At tempt any one of the given op tions.
(ii) All the ques tions should be at tempted from the same op tion.


Q.17. What are the duties (any four ) of a receptionist in the front office?

Q.18. Dr. B. B. Bhatnagar, Manager (Sales) of Snowhite Dry Cleaners, Rohini, Delhi called up to talk to Ms. Arundhati Rao, Manager (Linens) in response to the advertisement about seeking quotations for annual contract for washing cotton linens of the Hotel Rajdoot, East Nizamuddin, Delhi.

Write a message in the given format to be delivered to the person concerned as she was not available at that time. He wanted an appointment with her to discuss the terms and conditions :


A receptionist will feel handicapped if she/he doesn’t have some registers/ print material. Mention any four such aids.

Q.20. Write suitable replies to the following :
(a) Has my consignment been despatched?
(Negative, giving reason for the delay)
(b) Do you accept credit cards for advance booking for hotel accommodation?
(Regret )
(c) Do you have locker for keeping valuables?
(Positive response)

Q.21. (a) How will you repeat the following telephone numbers?
(i) 9810336074
(ii) 22241513
(b) Of what help is register of callers to the receptionist?


Q.17. Write an e-mail to Mr. Raghav Narain of Agra, conveying regret for not honouring his supply order of bulk of Clean R.O. for his hotel—Gazebo, Gwalior. Give a suitable reply.

Q.18. Read the text given below and tell for which kind of written communication this format is suitable :

Dear Mr. Bharadwaj,
                Could I re quest you to sub mit monthly re turn of
                your unit for this quar ter.
                                                                         Yours faithfully,
                                                                                D. Dhiman


What pieces of information (any four) about the company, for which you are appearing for interview, will help you? (½×4=2 Marks)


You are in receipt of a defective supply from M/s Steelage Furniture Mart, Vaibhav Khand II, Vasundhara Enclave, New Delhi against your supply order for your front office furniture. Write a letter of complaint asking for replacement of the defective pieces. You are the Purchase Officer, Competent Maruti Showroom, Azad Nagar, New Delhi. (1×3=3 Marks)


You were deputed to conduct a survey of Kolkata (Dunlop Nagar) market to start a sales outlet of the accessories for two-wheelers. Write your report recommending the company’s proposal. You are the Sales Officer, ‘Chakra’ Mark Accessories, Kolkata (WB).

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