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English (302)

Time : 3 Hours  Maximum Marks : 100

Note :
(i) This Question Pa per consists of two Sections, viz., ‘A’ and ‘B’.
(ii) All the questions from Section ‘A’ are compulsory.
(iii) Section ‘B’ has two options. Candidates are required to attempt
questions from one option only.
(iv) Marks are indicated against each question.

Q.1. Read the following extracts carefully and answer the questions that follow :
(a) Bholi did not know what exactly a school was like and what happened there, but was glad to find as many girls almost of her own age present there. She hoped that one of these girls might become her friend. 

The lady teacher who was in the class was saying something to the girls, but Bholi could understand nothing. She looked at the picture on the wall. The colours fascinated her … and suddenly Bholi noticed that the teacher was standing by her side, smiling at her.

“What’s your name, little one?”
“Bh-Bho-Bho-.” She could stammer no further.
Then she began to cry …

(i) Why was Bholi sent to a school? 1
(ii) What idea did Bholi have about a school? 1
(iii) What two actions of Bholi show that she was nervous? 1
(iv) Which word in the extract means similar to ‘attracted’?


Papa, my grandfather speaks of a carefree and beautiful childhood. Of days spent in plucking mangoes and guavas from their orchards, of picnics on the banks of the river where the men cooked mouth-watering food, of playing marbles and gilli-danda. From his talks, it seems, studies were an ancillary subject; and living and experiencing, the major subject. Father, is he fibbing? Or is it possible that the world has turned topsyturvy in just about 70 years?

(i) What symptoms of enjoying life as carefree and beautiful childhood are mentioned? (Any two) 1
(ii) What was the place of studies in the lifestyle of the speaker’s grandfather’s childhood days? 1
(iii) What makes the speaker feel that probably the world has turned topsyturvy in about 70 years? 1
(iv) Which expression used in the extract means ‘delicious’?

(b) Doctor Benson took the watch from his pocket.
“The baby was delivered about thirty minutes ago, and right now it’s ... .” He walked over to the lamp on the table. He stared strangely at the watch in his hand. The crystal was cracked, the top was broken, he turned the watch over and held it closer to the lamp. He studied the worn inscription there.
“To Private T. Evans, Ambulance Section, whose personal bravery preserved our lives the night of November 3, 1943 near the Italian front ….”

(i) Why did Dr. Benson take out the watch from his pocket? 1
(ii) “He stared strangely at the watch in his hand.” Why did he stare strangely at the watch in his hand? 1
(iii) What pieces of information did the inscription give about Evans? (Any two) 1
(iv) Find a word in the extract which means similar to ‘save’.


At last he heard of Dr. Halder, Principal of Dadar School for the blind in Bombay. My father wrote to him asking for advice. Dr. Halder showed unusual interest in my case, and promised to take special care and personal responsibility for me if I were sent to his school. When my mother learned of my father’s decision to send me to the Dadar School, she was appalled. She could not understand the reason for sending me nine hundred miles away from home to attend school with orphans and children of the poorest classes. Yet she placed her faith in my father’s superior judgement, and in her quiet way she agreed.

(i) Give reason why the writer’s father decided to send him to Dr. R. M. Halder’s school in Bombay. 1
(ii) How did Dr. Halder show his interest in according his permission to admit him in his school? 1
(iii) How did the writer’s mother react to the writer’s father’s decision? 1
(iv) Which word in the extract means similar to ‘very shocked’?

Q.2. Answer any three of the following questions in about 30–40 words each : (2×3=6)
(a) What truth did Aradhana want to know?
(I must Know the Truth)
(b) What advantage did the Intruder think by killing Vincent Charles and assuming his identity?
(If I were You)
(c) What fuel will make up the loss of fuel in future? How can the related problems be solved?
(Fuel of the Future)
(d) How did Baldeo face the tiger in the tunnel?
(The Tiger in the Tunnel)

Q.3. Answer the following question in about 60 words : 6
What various good or bad things have we got from India’s past? How can it help India emerge as a new developed country?
(India, Her Past and Future )


What opinion have you formed about Sunil Gavaskar, after reading My First Steps ?

Q.4. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow :

Where the world has not been bro ken up into frag ments
                                                           by narrow do mes tic walls.
Where words come out from the depth of truth;
Where tire less striving stretches its arms to wards per fection;

(a) What picture of the society does the poet dream and wish? 2
(b) How can people of the poet’s dream achieve perfection? 2
(c) What does the poet mean by ‘narrow domestic walls’?


   What is this life if full of care
   We have no time to stand and stare?
   No time to stand be neath the boughs
   And stare as long as sheep or cows
   No time to see when woods we pass
   Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

(a) What kind of life does the poet want people to lead? 2
(b) What view of the woods does the poet consider fascinating? 2
(c) What does the poet mean by calling ‘life’ full of care?

Q.5. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :
Fashion is a term commonly used to describe a style of clothing worn by a large number of people in a country. However, popular styles of furniture, homes and many other products are also fashions. The kinds of art, music, literature and sports that many people prefer can also be fashions. Thus a fashion is or reflects a form of behaviour, accepted by most people in a society.

A fashion remains popular for a few months or years and then another fashion takes its place. A product or activity is in fashion or is fashionable during the period of time that many people in society accept it. After a time, however, the same product or activity becomes old-fashioned when the majority of people no longer accept it.

Clothing style may start as a fashion, but its use becomes a custom if it is handed down from generation to generation. Today wearing long trousers is a custom for men in most countries. But changes in the colour and shape of trousers have taken place through the years.

A fashion that quickly comes and goes is called a fad. The majority of people do not accept fads. Some people may become involved in faddish behaviour because fads get a lot of publicity.

Today people follow fashions for many reasons. They want others to think that they belong to a special class of society. New fashions may be adopted immediately by well-known people, including athletes, film stars and political figures. Then, other people follow these fashions so that they can also look important. Some people think that fashionable clothes and surroundings raise their status in life.

(a) How can one define fashion? How is fashion different from a custom? 2
(b) What is the difference between fashion and a fad? 2
(c) Why do people follow changed fashion? Give two reasons. 2
(d) Which words mean similar to— 2
      (i) ‘important people in the field of politics’;
      (ii) ‘transferred from one to another (people who live after)’?

Q.6. Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow :
Legends will tell you that flamingoes are no ordinary visitors to Kutch. They were the honoured guests of King Lakho and he had forbidden the hunting of flamingoes which came to Kutch from various parts of the world every year to breed. For centuries the region has been a heaven for the migratory birds. Today, Flamingo city, an island in the middle of the Rann of Kutch, known the world over as one of the biggest breeding grounds of the Greater Flaming, is strewn with bodies of hundreds of flamingo chicks. The parents of these chicks have fled the island due to lack of food.

Zooplanktons, algae and small fish that these birds survive on are dying due to a sudden increase in the salinity of the Rann waters. One can even see dead fish floating.

Flamingoes need salt-encrusted, damp mud to build nests. The place where they build their nests has to be inaccessible to predatory cats and birds. It should also have sufficient food. The right mix of sweet and brackish water
in the Rann is crucial for the proliferation of planktons and algae that the flamingoes feed on. Faced with starvation flamingoes have fled the island leaving their chicks to fend for themselves. Till date around a thousand flamingoes have died.

(a) Why does the writer regard flamingoes extraordinary visitors to Kutch? 2
(b) Why does the flamingoes visit the Rann of Kutch every year? 2
(c) Why have flamingoes fled the island? 2
(d) (i) What two factors are important for settlement of the flamingoes? 1
     (ii) Which word used in the passage means ‘spread over a surface’?

Q.7. Read the given passage and supply the required information in the table given below :
The most basic scheme to spot sports talents and provide the correct facilities for nurturing talent is the National Sports Talent Contest (NSTC) scheme. The Sports Authority of India (SAI) has identified 10 Olympic disciplines and school children between the ages of 9–12 years, endowed with natural talent in any of these disciplines are selected for special training. The selection is conducted through talent contests held at the taluka, district and regional levels and a battery of physical tests. The boys and girls selected under this scheme are admitted into schools adopted by the SAI for continuing their education as well as sports training.

The selected schools are provided with financial assistance for creating, improving and maintaining sports facilities, and for appointing a coach for each discipline. The SAI also covers all the tuition fees and other school expenses for the children except for pocket money, and expenses on toiletries and private clothes. From time to time an evaluation of the sports performance is conducted and those who fail are weeded out.
Complete the following sentences with the relevant information gathered from the passage :


Read the passage given below and make a summary of the passage in about 100 words :

Many animals are able to communicate with each other very well but none of them can talk as we do. That is, no animals use words.

Birds cry out and make sounds that other birds understand. Smells, movements, and sounds are used for communication by animals, through which they express joy or anger or fear.

Human speech is a very complicated process, which no animal can perform. One reason is that in a very special way we use a whole series of organs to produce the sounds we want to make when we utter words. The way our vocal cords are made to vibrate, the way the throat, mouth and nasal cavities are adjusted, the way the lips, teeth, the lower jaw, tongue and palate are moved— just to make vowel and consonant sound, is something animals can’t do. They can’t produce a whole series of words to make a sentence. And there is another, perhaps more important reason why animals can’t talk. Words are only labels for objects, actions, feelings, expressions and ideas. For example, the word ‘bird’ is a label for a living, flying object. Other words describe its colour, shape, flying and singing. Still other words would be used to tell what the speaker thinks or feels about the bird or its actions.

For human beings, therefore, the use of words means the use of labels or symbols, and then organizing them in a certain way to communicate something. This requires a degree of intelligence and logical thinking that no animals have. So, they can’t talk the way people do.

Q.9. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with appropriate passive form of the verbs given in brackets : 3
The prizes for the best sports talents (a) —— (give) to Rewa and Raghu. A running shield (b) —— (award) to Reinu and Naseem as the first runners up. Sports Day (c) —— (celebrate) in January every year on the Foundation Day.

Q.10. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with appropriate form of the verbs given in brackets : 4
In the contact programme, one of the students (a) —— (suggest) appointment of experts in distance education. The Director (b) —— (agree) to advertise vacancies for appointment of people who (c) —— (teach) in some institutions of distance education. Students (d) —— (welcome) the suggested step.

Q.11. Combine the following pairs of sentences using the connectors given against each pair : 4
(a) (i) The PM has announced new council of ministers.
     (ii) It includes three new faces.                                                  (which)
(b) (i) Delhi and NCR experienced severe earth quake.
     (ii) The news papers have re ported.                                           (that)
(c) (i) I was leaving for the air port.
     (ii) You called up.                                                                      (when)
(d) (i) Gulshan has won the Best Speaker’s shield.
     (ii) He was asked to par tic i pate at the elev enthhour.                (although)

Q.12. Report the following conversation in indirect speech : 4
Anita : Did you enquire about the date of commencement of the examinations?
Sudha : It is going to start on 1st March.
Anita : Who will provide the detailed information?
Sudha : I think the Controller (Exam.) is the right person to contact.

Q.13. Write a paragraph of about 100 words on any one of the following topics : 5
(a) My feelings when I was selected to play for my street hockey/football/ cricket team
(b) My experiences of travelling all alone
(c) My feelings when I got a set of new sports shoes or a branded shirt/ a wristwatch

Q.14. Your colony has bad roads. Write a letter to the Chief Engineer, City Corporation to draw his attention towards this situation with your suggestions to improve the condition. You are Ms. Veena/Mr. R. Seetha Raman, R/o Adarsh
Society, Tilak Nagar.

Q.15. The following passage has seven mistakes of spellings and grammatical accuracies. Spot the errors and provide corrections. One has been done as an example : 6
Gopu chequed a total of the fees to be paid. He use the calkulator to this purpose. He find the figures entered in rong sequence.


Read the following passage and make notes, in points only, on it. Use the appropriate headings and subheadings. Also use recognizable abbreviations :

The health and strength of a society depends on the competence, sensitivity and maturity of the individual members. The primary aim of the society is to raise and nurture free, disciplined and aspiring individuals for the well-being and happiness of all.

In the making of such individuals and such a society that values quality of life, cultural modes, and instruments play an important role.

Keeping these values in mind, the framers of the Constitution of India embodied in the Directive Principles in Article 45 of our Constitution, that, State shall endeavour to provide within a period of 10 years of commencement of this Constitution, free and compulsory education to children.

Successive governments have been working towards this goal. Enrolment in schools has increased from 22·3 millions in the year 1951 to about 140 millions in 1955. The number of primary schools has also increased considerably.


Note :
(i) At tempt any one of the given options.
(ii) All the questions should be at tempted from the same option.


Q.17. Read the given conversation between a receptionist and a caller : 4
Receptionist : Good morning, Hotel Hillview. Can I help you?
Caller : Good morning. This is Anand Verma, Public Relations Officer, National Interior Decorators. Could I talk to your PRO?
Receptionist : I’m afraid he’s away to attend some meeting at Hotel Surya. Can I note down your message?
Caller : In fact he wanted me to talk to him about interior decoration of your new Food Court. Could you convey a message to call me back as per his convenience. My contact number is 97XXXXX6470.
Receptionist : I’ll do the needful, Mr. Verma. Have a nice day.
Caller : Thanks. Have a nice day.
Now, write the message in the printed form used in your office.


What are four specific duties of a receptionist in a company or hotel?

Q.19. What four documents are most helpful for an efficient receptionist?

Q.20. Which of the following replies made by the receptionist are polite? 1
(a) No, he’s not available. Try again after two or three hours.
(b) Sorry, he’s busy in a meeting right now. Could you wait for about two hours? I’ll leave a message.

Q.21. What various (any three) qualities a receptionist should have?


Q.17. In what ways a memorandum is different from a letter in an office?

Q.18. Write an e-mail to the Chief Security Officer of your company as directed by your Administration Officer, to discuss security matters, after the incident of entry of some people without security scrutiny.

Q.19. In what ways will you prepare yourself for facing an interview committee?

Q.20. Your office has added a reading room for the employees of your company. Write a letter to the Chairman, Publishers Guild, Aditya Complex, Preet Vihar, Delhi, to supply the list of books and magazines suitable for your employees. You are Public Relations Officer, Jyoti Travel Agency, Maya Puri, New Delhi.

Q.21. Write a report addressed to the Director, Department of Personnel, Viva Furnitures, Noida, highlighting the status of sale of your office furniture as there is a fall in sale in last quarter of the year. You are the Manager (Sales). 6

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