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English (302)

Time : 3 Hours  Maximum Marks : 100

Note : 
(i) This Question Paper consists of two Sections, viz., ‘A’ and ‘B’.
(ii) All the questions from Section ‘A’ are com pulsory.
(iii) Section ‘B’ has two options. Candidates are required to attempt questions from one option only.
(iv) Marks are indicated against each question.


Q.1. Read the following extracts carefully and answer the questions that follow :

(a) Papa, my grandfather speaks of a carefree and beautiful childhood. Of days spent in plucking mangoes and guavas from their orchards, of picnics on the banks of the river where the men cooked mouth-watering food, of playing marbles and gilli-danda. From his talk, it seems, studies were an ancillary subject : and living and experiencing, the major subject.

(i) What kind of childhood did the speaker’s grandfather have? (1 Mark)
(ii) Mention any two of the childhood pastimes of the speaker’s grandfather. (1 Mark)
(iii) Pick out expressions from the above extract which support the statement given below : (1 Mark)
“In the grandfather’s days, living life was more important than studies.”
(iv) Which words in the extract are similar in meaning to the following expressions? (½+½=1 Mark)
(1) ‘A piece of land in which fruit trees are grown’
(2) ‘In addition to something but not as important’

Listen. The game’s up as far as I’m concerned. Things went wrong with me. I said it with bullets and got away. Unfortunately they got one of my men, and found things the fools should have burnt. Tonight I’m expecting trouble. My bag’s packed ready to clear off. There it is.

(i) Pick out the sentence from the above extract which tells that the speaker had used a weapon to escape (1 Mark)
(ii) What was the unfortunate thing that had happened? (1 Mark)
(iii) What did the speaker expect that night and how did he prepare himself for the situation? (1 Mark)
(iv) Which words in the extract are similar in meaning to the following expressions? (½+½=1 Mark)
(1) ‘To run away’
(2) ‘Regrettably’

(b) In Chennai at the Centre for Wind Energy Technology, research is done to check out various wind sites where wind energy can be tapped. And, wind turbines of various sizes are checked to see if they are delivering what they promised to do. Wind energy is also abundant in many parts of India from Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala to the hilly regions in Maharashtra.

(i) What is the objective of the research done in Chennai at the Centre for Wind Energy Technology? (1 Mark)
(ii) For what purpose are the wind turbines checked? (1 Mark)
(iii) Name the parts of India where wind energy is abundant. (1 Mark)
(iv) Which words in the extract are similar in meaning to the following expressions? (½+½=1 Mark)
(1) ‘Existing in large quantities’
(2) ‘To make use of a source of energy, knowledge, etc., that already exists’


In the tumult and confusion of our time, we stand facing both ways, forward to the future and backwards to the past, being pulled in both directions. How can we resolve this conflict and evolve a structure for living which fulfils our material needs and at the same time, sustains our mind and spirit? What new ideals or old ideals, varied and adapted to the new world, can we place before our people, and how can we galvanize the people into wakefulness and action?

(i) What is the conflict that the speaker refers to in the above extract? (1 Mark)
(ii) What kind of a structure for living does the speaker wish to evolve? (1 Mark)
(iii) What is the speaker’s main concern? (1 Mark)
(iv) Which words in the extract are similar in meaning to the following expressions? (½+½=1 Mark)
(1) ‘To make something continue for some time without becoming less’
(2) ‘To change something in order to make it more suitable for a new situation’

Q.2. Answer any three of the following questions in about 30–40 words each : (2×3=6 Mark)
(a) What did Gavaskar like to do whenever he went to his uncle’s house? Why?
(My First Steps)
(b) What in the writer’s opinion is wrong with his education? What would he really like to learn?
(Father, Dear Father)
(c) Why did Bholi refuse to marry Bishamber?
(d) When and for what purpose were windmills used in America?
(Fuel of the Future)
Q.3. Answer the following question in about 60 words : (6 Mark)
What is the truth Aradhana wanted to find out? What did she actually discover? 
(I Must Know the Truth)

Give three reasons why Tembu was not afraid of anything.
(The Tiger in the Tunnel)
Q.4. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow :
I re mem ber the night my mother
Was stung by a scor pion. Ten hours
Of steady rain had driven him
To crawl be neath a sack of rice.
Part ing with his poi son—flash
Of diabolic tail in the darkroom—

(a) What had happened to the poet’s mother? (1 Mark)
(b) Where was the scorpion lodged and what had driven him there? (2 Mark)
(c) Explain :
‘Flash of diabolic tail’ (2 Mark)

No time to see when woods we pass
Where squir rels hide their nuts in grass.
No time to turn at Beauty’s glance
And watch her feet, how they can dance.

(a) What does the poet think we need time for? (2 Mark)
(b) What does the word ‘Beauty’ refer to? Why does the poet spell it with a capital letter ‘B’? (2 Mark)
(c) How do the beauties dance? (1 Mark)

Q.5. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :
Barefoot and wearing jeans, the world’s new number one peacemaker, Jody Williams, greeted reporters at her home. She had just received a special birthday present. On 1st October, 1997, one day after her birthday, Jody was awarded one of the world’s greatest honours. She won a Nobel Peace Prize. She received the £ 6,40,000 award for her efforts to rid the world of deadly underground explosives called land mines.

The prize is named after Alfred Nobel, a Swede who invented dynamite in the 1800s. Nobel did not want to be remembered only for creating something destructive. So he left his fortune to reward people who work for the ‘good of humanity’. The awards are given for the sciences, literature, economics and peace.

(a) Who was Jody Williams? (1 Mark)
(b) What was the special birthday present that she received on 1st October, 1997? (2 Mark)
(c) For what was Jody Williams honoured? (2 Mark)
(d) Who was Alfred Nobel? What had he done to encourage people to work for the ‘good of humanity’? (2 Mark)
(e) Name the areas of activity for which these awards are given. (1 Mark)

Q.6. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow
Before Florence Nightingale came, only seven shirts had been washed in the whole building, and the bedding was washed in cold water. At once she took a Turkish house, had boilers built, and set the soldiers’ wives washing the clothes and bedding. Next, she fitted out the kitchens, and in future the sick men had regular meals of good, well-cooked food. In a few months, Florence Nightingale had changed the Barracks at Scutari from a place of misery and disease to something like a hospital.

No wonder the soldiers worshipped her. They knew that many of them owed to her not only their comfort but their lives. Often when the surgeons had given up hope of saving a man’s life Florence Nightingale’s calm confidence and her tireless courage saved him. Day and night she visited every bed in the hospital to see that no patient was neglected and that all were as comfortable as possible. However hard she had worked all day, every night she would take her lamp and once more move from bed-to-bed in those miles of wards. ‘ The Lady with the Lamp’, the soldiers called her,  and ‘ The Lady with the Lamp’ is the name by which the world has remembered her ever since.

(a) What action did Florence Nightingale take to change the Barracks from a place of misery and disease into something like a hospital? (2 Mark)
(b) Cite details from the passage in support of the statement given below : (2 Mark)
“Florence Night in gale was a messenger of love and com passion.” 
(c) What did the soldiers call her? Why? (2 Mark)
(d) Pick out words from the passage which are similar in meaning to the following expressions : (1+1=2 Mark)
(i) ‘Great suffering of the mind and body’
(ii) ‘Feeling sure about your ability to do things and be successful’

Q.7. Read the passage given below and complete the statements that follow :
Sita felt very tired. Her arms were aching, and she was no longer upright. With the tree almost on its side, she had to cling tightly to her branch to avoid falling off. The grey weeping sky was like a great shifting dome.

She knew she could not remain much longer in that position. It might be better to try swimming to some distant rooftop or tree. Then she heard someone calling. Craning her neck to look upriver, she was able to make out a small  boat coming directly towards her.

The boat approached the tree. There was a boy in the boat who held on to one of the branches to steady himself, giving his free hand to Sita.

She grasped it, and slipped into the boat beside him.
The boy placed his barefoot against the tree-trunk and pushed away.

(a) With the tree almost on its side, (i) ___ to her (ii) ___ off. (1 Mark)
(b) Craning her neck to look upriver, (iii) ___ a small boat (iv) ___ her. (1 Mark)
(c) There was a boy in the boat who held on to (v) ___ himself, giving (vi) ___ to Sita. (1 Mark)
(d) The boy (vii) ___ against (viii) ___ away. (1 Mark)

Q.8. Read the passage given below and make a summary in about 100 words : (5 Mark)
Once an iron merchant, called Krishnan, had to leave his home and go to a distant city on some important business. He would be away for more than six months. In his godown, he had about a ton of iron bars. It was a great problem to know what to do with them. He could not keep them locked up in the godown, for then he would not only have to pay a large rent, but also the wages of a watchman for six long months. Moreover, when he returned prices might have fallen and he would then have to sell the bars at a very great loss. Obviously the best thing to do was to sell them before he went away, but though he tried hard to find a customer, no one seemed to want to buy them.

One of his friends, called Gopal, was also a dealer in iron. He also had a godown where he kept his raw iron for sale as and when he found customers. His godown was very large and he could easily keep Krishnan’s bars in one corner. He told Krishnan that he could safely leave the iron in his godown and go on his journey. It would all be there when he came back.

Krishnan decided to do this. He thanked his friend Gopal for his kindness, sent him the iron, and left the town with a light heart.

Q.9. Fill in the blanks in the following sentence with appropriate form of the verbs given in brackets : (3 Mark)

Families where the parents and the elderly (a) ___ (respect) and (b) ___ (take) care of (c) ___ (bless) with peace and prosperity.

Q.10. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with appropriate form of the verbs given in brackets : (4 Mark)

Computers (a) ___ (speak) the same language. Through computers we (b) ___ (reach) undreamt horizons and (c) ___ (become) global citizens. Computers (d) ___ (open) the doors to the world of knowledge and latest information.

Q.11. Combine the following pairs of sentences using the connectors given against each pair : (4 Mark)
(a) (i) I shall not talk to you.
(ii) You apologize for what you did.
(b) (i) He put on his best suit.
(ii) He wanted to make a strong impression.
(c) (i) He was proud of his new car.
(ii) It was painted bright yellow.
(d) (i) Her cules served a king.
(ii) The king sent him on difficult errands again and again.
Q.12. Report the following conversation in indirect speech : (4 Mark)
Griffiths : Mr. Reuter, someone has been to see you.
Reuter : Yes, yes? Who was it?
Griffiths : A foreign-looking gentleman.
Reuter : A foreigner? Business at last!

Q.13. Write a paragraph of about 100 words on any one of the following topics : (5 Mark)
(a) Knowledge is Power
(b) My Father is My Hero
(c) Let us weed out corruption from our society

Q.14. Write a letter to the Commissioner, Municipal Corporation about the poor and irregular water supply in your colony. Give details of the great inconvenience caused to everybody in the colony. (5 Mark)

Q.15. The following passage has seven mistakes of spellings and other grammatical inaccuracies. Spot the errors and provide corrections in your answer-book. One has been done as an example :

the habit to read is one of the greatest resource of mankind; and we enjoy reading books that belongs to us much more than if they are borrow. A borrowed book is like a gest in the house, it must be treat with a certain considerate formality.

1 true The
2 ......... .........
3 ......... .........
4 ......... .........
5 ......... .........
6 ......... .........
7 ......... .........


Read the following passage carefully. Make notes in points only, using appropriate headings and subheadings. Also use recognizable abbreviations :
Although the boys and girls have to work hard, even when they are young, they also have a large number of games. Perhaps the most famous is called Bobo. Two long poles are set up with a cane-rope stretched between them. Boys and men get on to this rope and swing high into the air, sometimes the right way up, sometimes upside down. They hang or sit on the rope, becoming very expert acrobats.

One tribe, the Apa Tanis, have a Snake Game, in which a long line of boys, with their heads down and covered with hand-woven shawls, go running round as a snake does. In the Short-Tailed Bird Game, the boys tie up their clothes like tails and hop about, singing a song lamenting that they, the birds, have such short tails. There are hunting games, games imitating various kinds of work, as well as such universal games as jumping and tug-of-war. In the schools, the children now play football and basketball as well as these traditional games.

Note : 
(i) At tempt any one of the given options.
(ii) All the questions should be at tempted from the same option.


Q.17. What are the items that a receptionist needs to keep on her desk in order to do her job efficiently (4 Mark)

Q.18. Complete the following statements : (½+½=1 Mark)

(a) A receptionist needs a certain amount of ___ to deal with complaints.
(b) A receptionist is a ___ between her organization and the outside world.

Q.19. You are working as a receptionist in a big hotel. You have received the following complaints from the guests. Read the complaints and write suitable replies. Be polite and tactful : (6 Mark)

(a) G : The pillow covers and the bedsheet are shabby. Please have them changed fast.
(b) G : The air-conditioner in my room is not functioning properly. Please send your technician to have it fixed.
(c) G : I am sorry to say that the food which I was served in the breakfast was substandard. 
The bread was stale. Will you do something about it?
(d) G : The television set in my room is not working at all. Please have it replaced before 8:00 p.m.
(e) G : The room has not been cleaned properly. There is lot of dust on the furniture.
Please send the room attendant.
(f) G : Both taps in my bathroom are leaking. Please have it repaired fast.


What is the utility of ‘Register of Callers’? (2 Mark)

Q.21. What are the attributes and skills that a receptionist needs in order to do her work efficiently? (2 Mark)


Q.17. Complete the following statements : (2 Mark)
(a) The expressions used for greeting friends and longtime colleagues are ___.
(b) The expressions used for greeting strangers and seniors are ___.
(c) Office memos are neither letters nor notices, they give ___.
(d) Two very important kinds of written communication in office are m ___ and 1___.

Q.18. As a Secretary, RWA, XYZ colony, write an e-mail message to the office bearers of M–Block, informing them about the planning meeting for the month, to be held on 18th August, 2015. Mention the time and the venue. (2 Mark)

Q.19. Given below are the four important stages involved in the process of writing a report. They are written in a jumbled-up way. Arrange them in the right order and rewrite them in your answer-book : (1 Mark)
(a) Writing the outline of the report
(b) Submitting the final report
(c) Investigating the source of information
(d) Taking note

Q.20. Read the following advertisement published in a local daily :
WANTED                                                RECEPTIONIST
English speaking
Computer lit er ate
Siya Dental Clinic
B–86, Vasant Vihar
New Delhi
Applications to be addressed
The Administrative Officer
Write an application for consideration. (4 Mark)

Q.21. Read the following statements carefully and decide whether they are true or false : (6 Mark)
(a) It is very important to plan one’s time while preparing for an interview.
(b) Mock interviews are likely to cause the candidate a greater stress.
(c) One of the main aims of an interviewer is to assess the candidate’s attitude to work.
(d) Being punctual for an interview may give the impression that you are out of work.
(e) When you meet the interviewer, you should greet him/her warmly by shaking hands.
(f) Be prepared to answer the questions on your own strength.

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