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  1. Section A Fundame tals f Acc ti Section B Merca tile Law Section.
  2. C General Ec mics Section D Quantitati e A tit
  3. e MINIMUM PASSING MARKS FOR CPT Section A Fundamentals f Acc ti B Merca tile Law C
  4. abgb
  General Ec mics D Quantitati e A tit e SYLLABUS COMMON PROFICIENCY TEST Session I F ndamentals of Accounting 60 Mar s Mercantile Law 40 Mar s Session II General Economics 50 Mar s Quantitative Aptitude 50 Mar s MINIMUM PASSING MARKS FOR CPT Subject Maximum Mark F amentals of Accounting 60 Mercantile Law 40 General Economics 50 Quantitative Aptitude 50 Total 200 60 Marks 40 Marks Marks 50 Marks Ma imum Minimum Marks 18 12 15 15 100* COMMON PROFICIENCY TEST (One p per Level f Kn wled e: B sic kn wled e (Two CPT Fundamentals of Accounting S lla s F r J e Section A: Fund ment ls 1. Theoretical Framework (i) Meaning and Scope f acc ti (ii) Accounting Concepts Pri ci les a C e ti s (iii) Accounting Standar s (iv) Accounting Policies (v)

Accounting as a meas reme t isci li e estimates 2. Accounting Process Books of Accounts leadin t t e re arati f Trial Bala ce Ca ital a re e e expenditures, Capital and re e e recei ts C ti e t assets a Fundamental errors includi rectificati s t ere f 3. Bank Reconciliation Statement 4. Inventories Basis of inventory valuatio a rec r ee i 5. Depreciation accounting Methods, computation and acc ti treatme t f methods. 6. Preparation of Final Accounts f r S le Pr priet rs 7. Accounting for Special Tr ns cti ns (a) Consignments (b) Joint Ventures (c) Bills of exchange a r miss r tes (d) Sale of goods on ap r al r 8. Partnership Accounts Final accounts of partnershi firms of a partner including treatme t f will 9. Introduction to Company Acc unts Issue of shares and debe t res f rfeit re f redemption of preference s ares COMMON PROFICIENCY TEST SYLLABUS (One paper – Four hours – 200 Marks) Level of

Knowledge: Basic knowledge SESSION – I (Two Sections– Two hours – 100 Marks) CPT F ame tals f Acc unting Syllabus For June 2017 Fundamentals of Accounting ( 60 Marks ) The retic l Fr mework Mea i a Scope of accounting Acc ti Concepts, Principles and Conventions Acc ti Standards – concepts, objectives, benefits Acc ti Policies Acc ti as a measurement discipline – valuation principles, acc ti B s f Acc ts leading to the preparation of Trial Balance, Capital a re e e e e it res Ca ital and revenue receipts, Contingent assets and contin e t lia ilities F ame tal err rs including rectifications thereof. B nk Rec ncili ti n Statement Basis f i e t r aluation and record keeping. Depreci ti n cc unting Met s c m tation and accounting treatment of depreciation, Change i e reciati Prep r ti n f Fin l Accounts for Sole Proprietors Acc untin f r Special Transactions Bills f e c ange and promissory notes Sale f s on approval or return basis. Fi al acc ts f artnership firms – Basic concepts of admission, retireme t a eat f a art er i cl i g treatment of goodwill. Intr ducti n t C mpany Accounts Iss e f s ares a d debentures, forfeiture of shares, re-issue of forfeite s ares re em ti f reference shares. al ati ri ci les, accounting B s f Acc ts lea i t t e re arati f Trial Bala ce Capital and revenue contingent liabilities, e reciati Change in depreciation Basic c ce ts f a missi retirement and death iss e of forfeited shares,

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