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SSC CGL Tier I 2013
Q.1. Where does the cabbage store food?
a) Root
b) Leaves
c) Stem
d) Fruit

Q.2. The compound that has the least value for octane number is –
a) n-heptane
b) 2-methl heptane
c) Iso-octaine
d) 2, 2-dimethyl Hexane

Q.3. Which body is constituted by the President of India to advise on the decision of Central Resources between the centre and the state?
a) Taxation Enquiry Commission
b) Tariff Commission
c) Finance Commission
d) Planning Commission

Q.4. An increase in the quantity supplied suggests –
a) a rightward shift of the supply curve
b) a leftward shift of the supply curve
c) a movement up along the supply curve
d) a movement down along the supply curve

Q.5. Obsidian, Andesite, Gabbro and Perodite are –
a) Extrusive rock
b) Metamorphic rocks
c) Intrusive rocks
d) Sedimentary rocks

Q.6. Which of the following books is not written by Jawaharlal Nehru?
a) Glimpses of World History
b) Discovery of India
c) My experiments with Truth
d) An Autobiography

Q.7. Coupling and repulsion are the two states of –
a) crossing over
b) linkage
c) chiasma
d) mutation

Q.8. The production, marketing, storage, advertisement and consumption of smokeless tobacco is banned in –
a) Meghalaya
b) Assam
c) Arunachal Pradesh
d) Nagaland

Q.9. Sir C.V. Raman was awarded Nobel Prize for his work on –
a) Sonometer
b) Light Scattering
c) Radio activity
d) Cryogenics

Q.10. Section of IPC, which deals with LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community is –
a) 377
b) 376
c) 370
d) None of these

Q.11. The type of fruit obtained from a multicarpillary apocarpous gynoecium is –
a) multiple
b) composite
c) aggregate
d) simple

Q.12. Who among the following is the founder of the Azad Hind Fauj?
a) Chandrashekhar Azad
b) Lal Har Dayal
c) Subhash Chandra Bose
d) Vir Savarkar

Q.13. The percentage of carbon in cast iron is –
a) 3 to 5
b) 0.1 to 0.25
c) 0.5 to 1.5
d) 6 to 8

Q.14. The pair of compounds used as anaesthetic in medicines –
a) Nitrogen dioxide, ether
b) Ether, Ammonia
c) Nitrous oxide, Chloroform
d) Chlorogorm, Nitrogen dioxide

Q.15. Which one of the following is used as secondary storage system in computer?
a) ROM
b) RAM
c) Floppy

Q.16. Which of the following is not correct?
a) MSP - Minimum Support Price
b) NMA – National Monuments Authority
c) PIL – Public Interest Litigation
d) NGT – National Growth Tribunal

Q.17. The plants, which grow under water stress conditions of deserts are –
a) Sciophytes
b) Epiphytes
c) Xerophytes
d) Heliophytes

Q.18. Preparation of butter, ghee by a household for their own use is a part of –
a) Consumption
b) own account production
c) household capital formation
d) industrial production

Q.19. Who was the Delhi Sultan to impose Jizya even on the Brahmins?
a) Balban
b) Ala-ud-din Khilji
c) Firoz Tughlaq
d) Muhammad Tughlaq

Q.20. Total assembly segments in Delhi are –
a) 40
b) 50
c) 60
d) 70

Q.21. Flywheel is an important part of a steam engine because it –
a) gives strength to the engine
b) accelerates the speed of the engine
c) helps the engine in keeping the speed uniform
d) decreases the moment of inertia

Q.22. The freezing point of fresh water is –
a) 0°C
b) 4°C
c) 3°C
d) 5°C

Q.23. In relation to the State Government, local government exercises –
a) Independent Authority
b) Coordinate Authority
c) Delegated Authority
d) Superior Authority

Q.24. Which National Highway is called Shershah Suri Marg?
a) National Highway No.1
b) National Highway No.3
c) National Highway No.8
d) National Highway No.7

Q.25. Potato was introduced to Europe by –
a) Dutch
b) Portuguese
c) Germans
d) Spanish

Q.26. Which of the following does not have a stupa?
a) Dhamek
b) Ranchi
c) Sanchi
d) Barhut

Q.27. Deficiency of iron causes –
a) Scurvy
b) Goitre
c) Polio
d) Rickets

Q.28. Who said that “Where there is no Law there will not be Liberty”?
a) John Locke
b) Karl Marx
c) Plato
d) Machiavelli

Q.29. Consumer Protection Act 1986, was amended in –
a) 1991
b) 1992
c) 1993
d) 1994

Q.30. The damage of the human body due to radiation (X-rays or Y-rays etc.) is measured in –
a) Rads
b) Rems
c) Roentgen
d) Curie

Q.31. The Constitution of India, describes India as –
a) Union of States
b) A Federation
c) A quasi-federal
d) Unitary

Q.32. Soil factors are otherwise known as –
a) Climatic factors
b) Edaphic factors
c) Biotic factors
d) Physiographic factors

Q.33. The UNIX operating system is suitable for –
a) Single user
b) Multi user
c) Real Time Processing
d) Distributed Processing

Q.34. Democratic Centralism is an important feature of a –
a) Socialist state
b) Communist state
c) Democratic state
d) Totalitarian state

Q.35. The current spell of cold wave in the US has been a fall out of the –
a) political administration
b) polar vortex
c) biodiversity and habitats
d) climate and energy

Q.36. The Minimum Support Price for Foodgrains was introduced in the year –
a) 1954
b) 1944
c) 1964
d) 1974

Q.37. The site of birth (nativity) of Gautam Buddha is marked by –
a) a Peepal Tree
b) a monastery
c) a Rummindei Pillar of Ashok Maurya
d) a statue

Q.38. The threshold frequency is the frequency below which –
a) photo current is constant
b) photo current increases with voltage
c) photo current decreases with voltage
d) photo electric emission is not possible

Q.39. Stamens are fused with each other by their anthers and also with the petals in –
a) Euphorbiaceae
b) Leguminosae
c) Liliaceae
d) Compositae

Q.40. Transition ions absorb light in –
a) visible region
b) infrared region
c) ultraviolet region
d) microwave region

Q.41. ‘Shadow Cabinet’ is the feature of Administrative system of –
a) Japan
b) Britain
c) USA
d) France

Q.42. ‘Ryder Cup’ is awarded to the players of –
a) Golf
b) Baseball
c) Basket Ball
d) Cards

Q.43. The unit of noise pollution (level) is –
a) decibel
b) decimal
c) ppm
d) None of these

Q.44. Virtually treeless, sparse vegetation is found in –
a) Chapparal
b) Taiga
c) Alpine
d) Tundra

Q.45. Tesla is a unit of magnetic
a) field
b) flux
c) induction
d) moment

Q.46. ‘Krishi Karman Award’ 2012-13 for all time record in foodgrain production was given to –
a) Odisha
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Haryana
d) Tamil Nadu

Q.47. Who is known as the “Father of Indian Unrest”?
a) Bipin Chandrapal
b) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
c) Lala Lajpat Rai
d) Aurobindo Ghosh

Q.48. Dactylogram is related with –
a) finger print
b) teleprinter
c) perumbulator
d) cereals

Q.49. Who benefits the most during the inflationary period?
a) government servants
b) corporate servants
c) creditors
d) entrepreneurs

Q.50. Study of organisms in relation to their environment is called –
a) Palynology
b) Ecology
c) Zoology
d) Entomology

                     ANSWER KEY 

1. Option B 2. Option A 3. Option C 4. Option A 5. Option C
6. Option C 7. Option B 8. Option B 9. Option B 10. Option A
11. Option A 12. Option C 13. Option A 14. Option A 15. Option C
16. Option D 17. Option C 18. Option B 19. Option C 20. Option D
21. Option C 22. Option A 23. Option C 24. Option A 25. Option D
26. Option B 27. Option B 28. Option A 29. Option C 30. Option A
31. Option A 32. Option B 33. Option B 34. Option B 35. Option B
36. Option C 37. Option C 38. Option D 39. Option D 40. Option A
41. Option B 42. Option A 43. Option A 44. Option D 45. Option A
46. Option C 47. Option B 48. Option A 49. Option C 50. Option B

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