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DU SOL BA Programme Question Paper English A
B.A. (Programme)
(Advanced English) (A-119)

Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks : 100

Notes : 

1. Attempt All questions.

Q.1. Answer any five of the following questions in about 30 words each : (5x3=15)

(i) What quality of Inzamam does Mujtaba draw our attention to ?

(ii) Describe the city of Alifbay.

(iii) Describe the kind of woman the grandmother was, when she was young.

(iv) Why does the young narrator in the short story "Girls' say “I don't want to be a goddess” ?

(v) Why did Tara have an affair with Abhay's friend?

(vi) What does Mary Maloney's husband tell her when he comes home?

(vii) Why does Gaviri say that school is of no use to a girl like her ?

Q.2. Answer any two of the following questions in about 75-100 words each: (2x5=10)

(i) Does Amalkanti become the kind of Sunlight he wanted to be ?

(ii) What were the specific circumstances of the birth of Chipko movement ?

(iii) How and why is the caste angle introduced in “A Ten Day Fast” ?

(iv) What did Bagchi's mother mean when she told him to “Go, kiss the world" ?

Q.3. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :

Vegetables are important protective food and highly beneficial for the maintenance of health and prevention of disease. They contain valuable food ingredients which can be successfully utilized to build-up and repair the body. Vegetables are valuable in maintaining alkaline reserve in the body. They are valued mainly for their high vitamin and mineral contents. Vitamins A, B and C are contained in vegetables in fair amounts. Faulty cooking and prolonged careless storage can, however, destroy these valuable elements. 

There are different kinds of vegetables. They may be edible roots, stems, leaves, fruits and seeds. Each group contributes to diet in its own way. Fleshy roots are high in energy value and good sources of vitamin B group. Seeds are relatively high in carbohydrates and proteins. Leaves, stems and fruits are excellent sources of minerals, vitamins, water and roughage. It is not the green vegetables only that are useful. Farinaceous vegetables consisting of starchy roots such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, the tubers, arid legumes are also valuable. They are excellent sources of carbohydrates and provide energy to the body. 

To derive maximum benefits of their nutrients, vegetables should be consumed fresh as far as possible. Most vegetables are best consumed in their natural raw state in the form of salads. An important consideration in making salads is that the vegetables should be fresh, crisp and completely dry. If vegetables have to be cooked, it should be ensured that their nutritive value is preserved to the maximum extent possible.

(i) Why are vegetables important for us ? 3
(ii) How are the valuable elements in vegetables destroyed ? 3
(iii) What are the farinaceous vegetables ? 3
(iv) What should be done to derive the maximum benefits from vegetables ? 3
(v) Give antonyms (opposites) of the following words from the passage :    3
     Inedible, Mimimum, 

Q.4. (A) Match the words in Column A with their correct meanings in Column B :

Column A Column B
(i) Irony (a) to take out or remove by force/extra effort
(ii) Offender (b) device or an expression conveying the exact opposite of what is intended to appear
(iii) Extract (c) of God; connected with religion/holiness
(iv) Sacred (d) using imagination for telling a story
(v) Fictional (e) a person who breaks a rule or law

(B) Fill in the blanks with the phrases given below : 
      to bury the hatchet; oily tongue; foot the bill; a bone
      of contention; in a flutter; turned a deaf ear; far and wide;
      a close shave; to read between the lines; a fancy price.

(i) The dealer quoted .................. for the book which was not easilv available.
(ii) One has ................ while inter Preting a satirical play.
(iii) He had ................. with death after he missed the train which met with an accident.
(iv) Marco Polo travelled ................. to leam about the world
(v) The police ............ to the rape victim.
(vi) Her heart was ............. just before the results were announced.
(vii) The disputed property was ............ between the two brothers.
(viii) I had to ........... after having our lunch at the restaurant.
(ix ) That cunning boy usually spoke with an ............... to fool people.
(x) The Assembly Speaker requested the Opposition members .................. so that the dispute could end.

Q.5. (a) Use the appropriate modals such as ; should; must; will; may; would etc. in the following sentences : 5
(i) By next week he ................. have finished this work if he had not died
(ii) .................. you do well in your exams!
(iii) I .................. surely meet him tomorrow morning.
(iv) You ............. give this medicine to the patient or else he will die.
(v) You .....,....... respect your seniors.

(b) Rewrite the following sentences in passive voice : 5
(i) The villagers killed the leopard.
(ii) They heard a loud noise.
(iii) Jai saw a snake.
(iv) They transfened him to Mumbai'
(v) They promoted all the students'

(c) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles-- a, an, the :  5
(i) He plans to open .............. ice cream shop' 
(ii) .................. daily walk in the morning keeps one in good health.
(iii) The students are going on ................... educational tour next week'
(iv) Jaipur is ................... beautiful city'
(v) Fill in all ................... blanks carefully'

Q.6. (a) Write a dialogue in about 100 words regarding the conversation between Haroun and his father Rashid after
his mother left home. 

(b) Write a diary entry (of around 100 words) about a road accident you saw while returning from your college

(c) Write an essay of around 150-200 words on the cleanliness campaign started by the government' 


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