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Similarly, if officers choose to knock and announce before searching for drugs, circumstances may justify forced entry if there is not a prompt response.

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People are routinely nervous when speaking with police and frequently consent to a search even if they have something to hide. Somehow, the more I learned about the Fourth Amendment, the more there seemed to be that remained to be mastered. Internet use involving stalking.

If your property has been seized pursuant to a search warrant in Pennsylvania, you can demand an inventory of the articles seized. There are no reported cases interpreting the rule.

If the police show up at your doorstep claiming they would like to look around, you are legally allowed to refuse this request. Fourth Amendment protection from searches of places only where he has a legitimate expectation of privacy. DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY AFFAIRS AND PUBLIC SAFETY. Click to see more categories.

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In their decision affirming the lower court, the Court of Appeals explained the necessity of probable cause in order for a search warrant to be issued.

Texas Courts, especially the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, have added additional limitations on the ability of police to search. One contained children having sex with an adult male.

HELD: Officers were reasonably concerned for their safety when the man ran into the home because they were arresting the homeowner for robbery, so the other man might be going for a gun.

Supreme Court of Alabama held that anticipatory search warrants were inconsistent with the Alabama Rules of Criminal Procedure. The warrant with illegal searches were private office furniture or motorcycle back after its balancing test.


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The evidence should not have been used because the defendant, in his direct exam had done nothing to waive the exclusionary rule. The officer asked if he could look for himself. Ihe person specified above.

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North Charleston criminal lawyer Rad Deaton explains how the police can search your home with or without a warrant.