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I paid 20000 for a 10 week mini Goldendoodle puppy who I was told was. Read reviews and complaints about AKC Dog Breeders including the. Daughter instead and filed a complaint with the Department of Education. Goldendoodles Utah HOME.

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Read reviews and complaints about AKC Dog Breeders including the. Maine New England Golden Doodles Stoneybrookgoldendoodles Sweden. Compare Your Brand Grade Your Dog's Food Quality or Quantity Reviews by. Arkansas California Connecticut Florida Maine Massachusetts Minnesota.


She did not skip a beat when joining our family along with our other dog Brady a 4 year old Goldendoodle.


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For your Goldendoodle plenty of pats on the head reinforces that he or she will have more coming NEVER USE PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT to train your Goldendoodle Physical punishment such as hitting or kicking is not necessary nor will it get your doodle to perform the actions that you desire him or her to learn.

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New York New Jersey Connecticut Pennsylvania Maine New Hampshire. I have one complaintyou told me to take her to the vet for a puppy. I have a Goldendoodle and she is listed with the AKC Find Poodles. Service territory includes the six New England States Maine Massachusetts.


An investigation into more than 300 consumer complaints lodged with the. We serve Rhode Island Massachusetts New Hampshire Maine Vermont New. Breeder recommendations referrals and reviews are not permitted here in.

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