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Crouching beside your car and reading the jumble of numbers and letters on the side of your tires might seem hopelessly confusing. AA signifies the best traction performance and C is the worst. Should mount the tire size of time of.

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Old tubes become stretched, and if an old tube is fitted within a new tire, it can crease and fail due to thinning of the tube rubber. Do not exceed the pressure indicated on the tire sidewall. These numbers are the total width of the tire, not the actual width of the contact patch.


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JATMA, the Japanese Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association recommends that all tires be inspected at five years, and all tires that were manufactured more than ten years previous be replaced.


If you find yourself in snow or rain, raising the tire pressure will shrink your contact patch and help you push through to the road. Improper mounting can cause tire explosion and serious injury. Wipe off any oil or gasoline immediately with a clean rag. Do you need advice on what products to buy?


PLEASE continue to support our family business by liking, sharing, commenting on our posts and sharing them with friends and family. Rough Country items are not included in Free Shipping offers. Drive efficiently by having common knowledge about tires! Speed Index label to follow.


Along with wider tires are changing to a dual usage of your chart that size tire cross reference only in the chute deflector. Maximum pressure can be found on the sidewall of each tire.

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Old or damaged valve stems and cores may cause air loss. ABS get out of whack if i switch to the different size?

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To make sure that the outer diameter stays the same when installing a wider tire, the side profile needs to get smaller.